Loving this affirmation for when I am feeling uncomfortable sensations in my body, or even when I am lying awake at night having a hard time falling asleep.

Instead of focusing on what’s “wrong” in the present moment, I try to notice how my body is feeling from a neutral standpoint and offer it my love and compassion as it processes in the best way it knows how.

I also try to think about how I can best support my body in that moment, as well as better support it in the future. It can easily be the default to take action from a place of fear (e.g. if I don’t eat perfectly, I’m going to feel bad), but we also have the option to take similar action from a place of love (e.g. I love to give my body all the water it needs to feel good).

What loving action can you take for your body today?



Today, I was feeling really anxious about a situation over which I have no control. As I unpacked my feelings and used my practice of mindfulness to observe the real underlying fears that were contributing to my anxiety, I realized that a lot of it came down to how I was allowing the situation to make me feel about myself. That what might otherwise be a neutral set of circumstances was being colored by my fear of being judged by others and my judgments of myself (a lot of which have been subconsciously shaped by others/society).

While my attempts to tell myself to “just stop worrying about it,” were not successful, once I saw the true root of my fears, I was able to take a new approach that offered much more relief. I was able to remind myself that I would be okay – that I am infinitely loved and lovable. That I am allowed to make mistakes and it doesn’t mean anything about who I am as a person. That I can embrace the choices I have made with understanding and compassion, without the need to label them as good or bad.

Fortunately, whether our circumstances are within our control or not, we always have control over our choice to love ourselves. And that may be the single most important choice we can make.



What is self care? I think of self care as making sure that your mind, body, and spirit are getting the support they need to thrive. Sometimes we do this naturally, but often in our hectic, modern-day lives, we need to specifically set aside time to make sure that we are taking aligned actions to maintain our health and happiness.

When it comes down to deciding what constitutes self care for you, you need to look at your lifestyle, your priorities, and what truly makes you feel good. Sometimes, we can mistake mindless activities like tv binging or social media scrolling for self care. It may be an escape from using our minds or being present with uncomfortable feelings, but is it really giving you the rest and rejuvenation you need? Only you can tell.

If you are looking for some fresh ideas ideas on how to incorporate more self care into your life, check out the list below. Use this list anyway you like – browse it for anything that jumps out at you, focus on one each week for the next year, use a random number generator to choose one for you… there’s no wrong way to do it.

Many of these ideas can be modified to suit your lifestyle and the amount of time available to you. For example, when we think about getting a massage, we usually jump straight to how much time and money that requires, but getting a massage doesn’t have to involve booking an expensive hour at a spa – it could be giving yourself a three minute hand massage while you sit at your desk. I challenge you to see how you can interpret and adapt these ideas to work for you!

  1. Take a group fitness class
  2. Do a free online movement class (check out Yoga With Adriene on YouTube)
  3. Epsom salt bath
  4. Eat more vegetables
  5. Drink adequate water
  6. Declutter your home
  7. Declutter your workspace
  8. Create a budget
  9. Turn off technology/screens 2 hours before bed
  10. Redecorate in a way that brings you more joy
  11. Create a skincare routine
  12. Diffuse or topically apply essential oils
  13. Create healthy boundaries with friends, family, and coworkers
  14. Schedule a date with yourself
  15. Schedule a date with a friend or significant other
  16. Eat fresh, local, seasonal foods
  17. Spend at least 1 hour each week on personal development/exploration
  18. Hire a personal trainer or life coach
  19. Get a massage (or give yourself one)
  20. Research your ayurvedic dosha
  21. Dance to your favorite music
  22. Meditate
  23. Take one hour to schedule all the appointments you’ve been putting off
  24. Outsource something (hire a cleaner, virtual assistant, buy a premade meal prep list, etc)
  25. Do something you loved to do as a child
  26. Plan a one day staycation
  27. Take a cooking class
  28. Try something new and totally outside your box
  29. Laugh
  30. Make art (even if you think you can’t)
  31. Sing (even if you think you can’t)
  32. Go outside
  33. Block your social media apps for an hour/day/month
  34. Stretch 
  35. Sit on the floor instead of the couch
  36. Wear something that makes you feel good
  37. Carve out space for some quiet time
  38. Listen to your favorite podcast
  39. Read a book that sparks joy and inspiration
  40. Forgive someone (including yourself)
  41. Create a vision board (physical or virtual)
  42. Eat more fiber
  43. Journal
  44. Learn about/practice Emotional Freedom Technique (aka tapping)
  45. Spend less (or zero) time with negative people
  46. Let go of some things from your to-do list
  47. Get curious about something
  48. Take a walk
  49. Give up caffeine
  50. Create a morning routine
  51. Create a bedtime routine
  52. Program some self love affirmations to pop up on your phone throughout the day

If you need any help creating a life you love that is in alignment with the health and happiness you desire, click here to head to the contact page and send me a message. I’ll help you figure out your next steps, whether it’s working with me one-on-one or pointing you toward other resources that are a good match for the support you need. ?



I’m sure many of you have heard the phrase “this too shall pass.” In fact, you’ve probably heard it so many times that it just sounds like some biblical cliche or platitude. I know I have. In fact, I just assumed it was a verse from the bible when, actually, it appears to be of Persian Sufi origin.

Wherever the saying comes from, it’s true. And it can be a beautiful teaching and powerful message to remember – in good times and bad.

Yesterday, I had definitely had some lows and some highs. Taking time this morning to reflect on what I experienced yesterday and how differently I feel today, I thought of this phrase. It’s a phrase that really gained traction for me when I attended a 10 day silent meditation course about 5 years ago. 

One of the main teachings of Vipassana meditation is the concept of impermanence. No matter what you are experiencing in this moment, the only thing you can be sure of is that it will not last. It will always change in some way. Like a river, life is constantly flowing, therefore every moment is new and different, in obvious or subtle ways. You can never step in the same river twice.

So, yesterday, when I was feeling unexpectedly low and fatigued, I reminded myself that it was okay. It was temporary and eventually would pass. And it did.

And when I went out to celebrate my friend’s birthday and got to have a wonderful time connecting with a bunch of people I love, I reminded myself to enjoy the moment while it was happening, and also to not become attached to it. Not to be sad or upset when those joyful, external circumstances where no longer present. To know that it is natural for them to come and go and come again.

So, however you want to phrase it, I hope you remember that whatever you are experiencing in this moment, whether joyful or difficult, it too will pass. And that’s a beautiful thing.



As someone who gets easily wrapped up in thought and introspection, I sometimes forget to stop and appreciate the moment I’m in. And even when I remember to pause and return to the present moment, sometimes I have trouble actually feeling joy , gratitude, and contentment with the beauty around me.

I think part of this is the feeling that I should always be doing something other than what I’m doing (even if what I’m doing is actually aligned with my goals). Also, trying to figure out (usually with my brain, instead of my intuition) what I should be doing next, how to be more successful, productive, or better in some way.

I’ve even caught myself really enjoying an activity and then suddenly feeling melancholy about the fact that this moment won’t last forever – before it’s even finished! There’s some sort of deep rooted fear that I won’t have more of this feeling in the future. That there is not enough connection, joy, and fulfillment in my life and there never will be.

If you can relate to any of the above, this is your reminder that you deserve to feel good and do things that please you. You are worthy and enough just as you are – you don’t have to check of some unending to-do list before you get to feel good about yourself and life, or before you get to start doing what you would really like to be doing. You can do that thing now. And you can enjoy doing it. And the universe supports you in that. (And so do I).



It’s so easy to get caught up – in the busyness of life, in the emotion of the moment, in the looping thoughts of the mind… Sometimes it can be helpful just to pause, even for the briefest of moments, and check in.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Center. Reset.

Some questions I like to ask myself in the pause:

What am I feeling right now? Physically? Emotionally?
Is there unnecessary tension in my body that I can let go of?
Am I making this harder than it needs to be, and how can I let it be easy?
What is my real priority? If I’m avoiding it, why?
What can I learn about myself from the way I am reacting to this situation/moment?
Can I allow myself to be more present, more grateful, more of service?


Don’t underestimate the power of the pause. It can work wonders.



Are you comfortable getting as much as you give? Are you constantly downplaying your achievements and underestimating your contribution and value? Are you too busy making sure others’ needs are met to worry about your own?

Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin, two equally important parts of the energetic and physical cycle. After all, you can’t give what you don’t have.

You may feel like you want more of something in your life (love, money, adventure, etc), but are you actually open to receiving it? Check in with yourself and you may be surprised!



“I am ready to let go…”

Honestly, even just saying that sentence to myself internally triggers a nervous sensation in my body. Somehow, it doesn’t feel safe to “let go.” Yet, it feels like everything in my life right now is pointing to release, surrender, letting go, as the next step to my personal growth.

I think letting go – of physical things, limiting beliefs, old patterns and grievances, unhealthy relationships, etc – is always the next step, no matter what level you are at. There is always more to release in order to make space for the new – in order to shed the weight that is holding you down so that you can soar higher.

I’m working on releasing tension in my voice and my body, decluttering my physical and mental space, and letting go of things and ideas my brain is telling me to hold onto in favor of making way for the things my heart is being drawn to. Even the classes I’ve recently decided to explore for personal and professional reasons (improv and modern dance) are in alignment with the impulse to let go, be fully in the moment, and trust what is inside of me.

What are you ready to let go of in order to make space for something better?



Sometimes, when “bad” things happen we try to find the silver lining by asking, “what can I learn from this experience?” Sometimes, there are practical lessons to be learned – don’t give permanent markers to small children, remember to leave time to find parking, etc. And sometimes there are larger life lessons like “I need to slow down,” or “maybe I should reassess my relationship with this person.”

Recently, I’ve been finding a lot of value in a new take on this question: What can I learn about myself from this experience? What do I notice about the way I am reacting to this situation? What thoughts and judgments are flooding my mind? What emotions am I feeling and how can I work through them in a conscious and compassionate way? What insecurities or past hurts are being triggered? How can I let go of the ego and stay grounded in my true self?

Even something as small as a bad haircut (speaking from recent personal experience) can bring up a lot of interesting internal dynamics to observe.

Have you stopped to question your reaction to anything recently?



Are you taking the time and space to tune in to your inner messages?

Maybe you try to “listen to your intuition” or “follow you heart” but you don’t really feel connected to that part of yourself. If you’re anything like me, you may have even gotten frustrated in the past when people suggested that you use your gut, heart, intuition, etc to make a decision. “What is your inner voice telling you?” they’d ask, and you’d say (either internally or out loud), “I DON’T KNOW! All I hear is the voice of my brain trying to logic it out!”

I’ve focused a lot this past year on trying to get more in touch with my intuition. I’m still working on it, but one thing I have learned is that sometimes, when we feel like our inner voice isn’t providing any answers, it’s because, secretly, we don’t want to hear the answer it has to offer.

We are pushing it down because it’s too big or scary or improbable or silly or what have you. Unfortunately, pushing it down just leads to a different kind of discomfort. The discomfort of not acknowledging our truth and taking action to live our most fulfilling life.

Have you ever felt your inner voice was trying to tell you something you weren’t ready to hear?