Creative Accountability Cohorts


  • Do you struggle to be consistent in your creative work? 
  • Have you lost track of the number of projects you’ve started and never finished?
  • Are you tired of working (or not working) in isolation?


If there’s anything I’ve learned from my personal journey and from being a coach, it’s that community and personalized support systems are key when it comes to actually achieving goals in a way that is both effective and feels good.

You can struggle for years trying every new productivity hack, reading every book on creativity, and staying stuck in the same cycles of hope and disappointment. 


That’s why I love group coaching. Community, accountability, and support all in one place.


Whether your goal is to finish a manuscript, submit more auditions, record your first EP, or just get clear on what you really want to be creating – I would love to provide the space and support you need to make it happen.

“The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.”

– Mary Oliver

What’s included in the Creative Accountability Cohorts?

  • 6 weekly 90-minute online group coaching calls

In our weekly group coaching call, I’ll help you break through whatever challenges you’re tackling in your creative project or practice. 

This might look like figuring out a workflow/environment that works for you, breaking down a big goal into small steps, deciding what creative path you want to pursue, identifying mindset blocks that are keeping you from moving forward, etc…

Having a dedicated time and space to focus on your creative goals and clarify your next steps, and a supportive community to report back to, is priceless when it comes to making sustainable progress toward your creative goals.

Depending on the size of the group, our coaching calls may also include some time for coworking, so you can start implementing your action steps right away.


When will we meet?

The next Cohort will meet on Saturdays at 10:30am Pacific Time, starting April 29th.

It’s fine if you will need to miss a week, but please be able to commit to most of the sessions. There will be no make up time for missed sessions, but recordings will be available.

How do I get started?

If you’re interested in being a part of a Creative Cohort, fill out the application below and I’ll email you to confirm your spot!

Click Here to Apply Now

How much does it cost?

I am dedicated to providing accessible resources for artists who want support (because you deserve it!), while still respecting my own needs. Therefore, I’ve decided to offer sliding scale options for this coaching program. Payment plans are also available upon request.

Please see the sliding scale guide below to help determine which price is right for you. [Sliding scale guide based off the work of Alexis J. Cunningfolk.]

$250 (full price)

You have access to financial security, own property, or have personal savings. Your basic needs are easily met and you are able to pay for “wants.”


Your basic needs are met. You may have debt, but you also have a stable source of income. You are able to draw on financial support from family or friends. You may need to make some short term changes in your discretionary spending to make this investment. 


You would not be able to make this investment at a higher cost. You are paying off significant debt and/or do not have personal savings. You qualify for government assistance. You have very limited expendable income. 

About Me

Hi, I’m Sarah!

I’m a theatre artist and creative life coach, passionate about helping fellow creatives (especially women, queer, and ADHD artists) clarify their creative goals, reclaim their artistic identity, and build support systems that help them take action with more joy and ease.

My training includes courses with ADD Coach Academy, MentorCoach, Transformation Academy, and more. I combine my knowledge of creative brain wiring and effective coaching tools with my professional experience in the arts to provide a unique, holistic approach to helping my clients. 

Outside of coaching, I enjoy reading classic mystery novels, baking cookies, watching home design shows, and cats. I am currently based in Portland, Oregon.

Headshot of Sarah, a white woman in her 30s with medium length light brown hair, wearing a purple tshirt.

Sarah DeGrave (she/her)

Creative Coach

What people say about working with me…

Sarah is incredibly warm and welcoming. She is an excellent listener, asks thoughtful questions, and provides tailored insight to help guide you toward your goals. It’s clear that she loves working with artists and is deeply invested in what she does– which I think speaks to Sarah’s overall mission.

I found her approach to be one of true alignment– she encouraged me to think of ways to align my artistry and personal values with my professional goals, and I left our sessions feeling empowered, refreshed, and clearer than I had in quite some time.

Katherine, theater artist/teacher

Sarah has a unique blend of expertise, which turned out to be a great match for the issue we were addressing. She has a clear understanding of the context of performing arts work, which equipped her extremely well to lead our work in untangling some significant mental blocks which had been stalling my performing career.

Sarah is very gifted at drawing out single threads of a complicated question or problem. I really appreciated her ability to pull out something I’d mentioned in passing and encourage me to give it a closer look. Ultimately, those highlights led me to approach the issues from different angles than I had before, which led to some terrific discoveries.

– Julia, musician and educator

Still Have Questions?

Feel free to email hello@alignmentandalchemy.com and I’ll help you figure out if this is the right program for you!

No more questions?