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I offer options for both for short and long-term support. If you have any questions about which option(s) would be right for you, feel free to send me a message or book a free 50 minute Connection Call where we can talk through your most pressing problem and get a feel for whether we like working together – no strings attached!

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Yes, please!

Sarah is incredibly warm and welcoming. She is an excellent listener, asks thoughtful questions, and provides tailored insight to help guide you toward your goals. It’s clear that she loves working with artists and is deeply invested in what she does– which I think speaks to Sarah’s overall mission. I found her approach to be one of true alignment– she encouraged me to think of ways to align my artistry and personal values with my professional goals, and I left our sessions feeling empowered, refreshed, and clearer than I had in quite some time.

 – K, theatre artist/teacher


Creative Clarity Session

  • 90 minute breakthrough session
  • Get insights and clarity around what you want to create in the world and why
  • Cut through the overwhelm by identifying a clear point from which you can start creating an action plan
  • Start building a compass that can guide you through periods of growth or change
  • If you already know what you want to create, use this session to get clear on specific goals and next steps
  • Cost: $90

Schedule Your Breakthrough

  • 10 session coaching package (weekly, 50-minute online sessions)
  • Clarify your goals, strengths, and values
  • Identify patterns that are interfering with achieving your goals and develop skills, strategies, and support systems to address them
  • Better understand your ADHD brain and what it needs
  • Translate your big picture vision into actionable steps
  • Create space to process and plan
  • Special offer: $297 (payment plans available) 

Schedule a Free Connection Call

“Sarah is very gifted at drawing out single threads of a complicated question or problem. I really appreciated her ability to pull out something I’d mentioned in passing and encourage me to give it a closer look. Ultimately, those highlights led me to approach the issues from different angles than I had before, which led to some terrific discoveries.”

 – J, musician and educator



“Even if you have never thought about self-care, Sarah will be able to help guide you towards things that fit with who you are, and fit into your life. The atmosphere of sessions felt relaxed and comfortable, no fear of judgment, just a positive, collaborative environment.”

 – S, Lighting Designer