As someone who gets easily wrapped up in thought and introspection, I sometimes forget to stop and appreciate the moment I’m in. And even when I remember to pause and return to the present moment, sometimes I have trouble actually feeling joy , gratitude, and contentment with the beauty around me.

I think part of this is the feeling that I should always be doing something other than what I’m doing (even if what I’m doing is actually aligned with my goals). Also, trying to figure out (usually with my brain, instead of my intuition) what I should be doing next, how to be more successful, productive, or better in some way.

I’ve even caught myself really enjoying an activity and then suddenly feeling melancholy about the fact that this moment won’t last forever – before it’s even finished! There’s some sort of deep rooted fear that I won’t have more of this feeling in the future. That there is not enough connection, joy, and fulfillment in my life and there never will be.

If you can relate to any of the above, this is your reminder that you deserve to feel good and do things that please you. You are worthy and enough just as you are – you don’t have to check of some unending to-do list before you get to feel good about yourself and life, or before you get to start doing what you would really like to be doing. You can do that thing now. And you can enjoy doing it. And the universe supports you in that. (And so do I).